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How do you value quality without safety?

We at Cartoprint think that safety is a fundamental core value, as we believe excellent quality cannot be achieved without guaranteeing safety for you, the consumer, and the environment. We are committed to pursuing sustainability and safety throughout the whole production process, right from the design to the development and delivery of our products, which are all completely  traceable. To ensure the implementation of the above we chose to only use certified paper (FSC® Licence code FSC C113819 or PEFC™ PEFC/18-31-462) as raw material, obtained from sustainably managed, renewable forests, with full respect for the environment. Moreover products realised with FSC or PEFC paper and biopolymer (Naturelly Cartoprint) are also available, with which we guarantee full compostability and recyclability in accordance with the highest international standards.

We at Cartoprint guarantee product safety and quality in full compliance with the highest standards and strictest hygiene and health regulations set out by BRC IoP (grade AA). All our products comply with M.O.C.A. regulations that guarantee their suitability for food contact.

Our Quality Certification and Research & Development departments work continuously to develop innovative solutions in order to combine sustainability, packaging safety and functionality.



ISO 9001


Client satisfaction is what we strive for above all else; it motivates us day in, day out and it is the ultimate reward for all our efforts. The quality management system, certified by an authoritative international body, aims to ensure that this principle is constantly pursued. [ pdf iso 9001 ]

BRC Packaging


The production of food contact packaging comes with a huge responsibility. Cartoprint takes on such responsibility by implementing the highest international production standards and undergoing strict periodic checks by authoritative bodies. Only thanks to this commitment have we earned the highest level of compliance with the BRC IoP (grade AA) and are thus able to guarantee maximum safety of our products. [ pdf brc iop ]



For all its products Cartoprint has decided to use only paper which is obtained from sustainably managed forests, and thus  FSC® or PEFC ™ certified. This  responsible decision aims to contribute to safeguarding the environment through concrete actions. With the FSC® e PEFC™ certifications held by Cartoprint our clients have the opportunity, along with their company, to promote environmental conservation. [ pdf fsc ] [ pdf pefc ]



Cartoprint uses ECO raw materials and the products made with them are entirely compostable, biodegradable, eco-friendly and easy to dispose of. Not all biodegradable products are also compostable, so with this certification Cartoprint ensures that its products have both characteristics. [ pdf vincotte ] [ pdf dincertco ]

MID and EU marking of the cups


Cartoprint is amongst the first packaging companies in Italy and Europe to comply with regulations regarding containers that have a filling line.  Thanks to accurate procedures and certified checks Cartoprint guarantees the capacity and compliance with European regulations. [ pdf mid e ce ]

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