Management of reports (so called Whistleblowing)

The Seda Group adopted a system for the management of reports that can be activated by all employees of Seda Group companies as well as by all those who come into contact with them (e.g.: suppliers, subcontractors, customers), relating to unlawful conduct or violations of the rules and principles contained in the Code of Ethics adopted by the Seda Group of which the whistleblower has become aware due to the functions performed by it. This system ensures confidentiality and privacy in the processing of communications received, protecting both the whistleblower and the person reported.

The employees of the companies of the Seda Group can report conduct deemed illegal or contrary to the principles and rules of the Group's Code of Ethics using the communication channels indicated below:

  • e-mail address: specifically dedicated to communications to the Ethics Committee;
  • traditional mailing address: to the Group Ethics Committee at Seda International Packaging Group S.p.A. Corso Salvatore D’Amato, 73 (80022) Arzano – Naples, Italy;
  • This channel is IT based and is managed by an ad hoc application that guarantees the confidentiality requirements thanks to a security system characterized, among other things, by the use of cryptographic systems and also allows anonymous reports.

All reports sent through the channels described above are addressed, received and examined by the Group's Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee is a collegiate body endowed with autonomy and independence from all the employees of the Group companies, including top management and shareholders, and is subject to confidentiality obligations regarding the content of the reports.

The Ethics Committee is composed of:

  • Head of the Group Legal Affairs Function;
  • Head of the Group HR & Organization Function;
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Body of the parent company Seda International Packaging Group S.p.A. (autonomous and independent external entity).

Reports that are not corroborated by precise and consistent elements such as to allow the Ethics Committee to carry out the necessary checks will not be taken into consideration.

The Guidelines on Whistleblowing for the management of reports adopted by the Seda Group are available here.

Last update: January 2023

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